I decided to do a “quick catch up” post to sum up what I’ve been up to was well overdue. A lot has been going on under the hood since the last time I posted (I can’t believe how long it’s been!).

Pause on posting

I’ve been concerned about the amount I was posting on Junction 5. Although the content was great, it was hindering me from doing what I wanted, building apps and products. I also struggled because although I had a rough post schedule, I realised that the pieces I wanted to do were going to take a lot more time than only a week’s prep. So I had to push back posts I thought would give greater value in favour of others that were more quick wins 🙁

So I have put a pause on this until I can build up my portfolio and gain clients for Junction 5. For this I need to:

  • Complete a project a month (no matter how small)
  • Create a strict schedule for me to work from
  • Narrow down my target clients and research who to contact within those sectors


So very briefly, this is what I’ve been up to.


  • Incorporated my company
  • Went on business training for start ups
  • Decided on a schedule to work in the week
  • Volunteered to speak at an event


  • Gave a talk at the February 2017 Mum 2 Millionaire meetup
  • Gave my first pitch to a prospective client
  • Made a decision to change my day job


  • Had some business intensive training
  • Met with accountants (because I need to start taking my business more seriously!)
  • Began new role

Lessons Learned

The talk went really well. It showed me that although it was nerve racking, I delivered and it was well received by the audience. I recognised that I need to give more of these talks to an audience more inline with my prospective clients to show my expertise and authority within my field.

The intensive course was good as it made me look at my current business model and what I’m doing and the holes in my strategy. I’ve made a few quick-win changes already but there’s a massive A4 list of changes that need to be made. So instead of stressing about it all, I’m going to work through an item each day so I get things done steadily.

What now?

So now, it’s mid March. The goal for this year is products and content creation so that’s what I’m still aiming for.

I have two projects planned that I’m trying to get underway and the second will probably be complete by the end of next month as I’m trying to put together my first video course. The first is much smaller but the presentation of this will be the most important. The good thing about this is that it’s a product and once it’s done, it’ll need little maintenance. That’s what I’m trying to build up this year. So it’s not looking too bad so far.