Releasing Your App to the Store in Style Part 1

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know that I’ve been inspired to stop dreaming about my ideas and start doing something about them. Earlier this year, I incorporated the app development company Junction 5 Studios to house all of my efforts. This would also be a brand for me to build client work.

I used to think about myself as a novice within app development, but when I start talking about it to others, I realise that I have come a long way from nothing. Like John Sonmez says in the last step of his 10 Steps To Learning Anything Quickly course, you need to teach to really learn something.

I’ve found that the task of releasing an app after the many hours of developing and testing it, can be more effort than you initially thought. So, I thought I’d share a more detailed guide with you about the information you need to provide for the first screen. Here’s my post to help you on Simple Programmer, Releasing Your App to the Store in Style Part 1.