My First (and the) First Appium Conference

Last year, I was selected for a scholarship to Appium Conference 2018 by White October Events. I've been aware of Appium for years now as I'm an app developer but I've not (yet) used this tool on any of my projects. For those that don't know, Appium is a mobile testing framework built upon the Webdriver … Continue reading My First (and the) First Appium Conference

Moving to Containers

It seems that containers are the new technology within IT that everyone is trying to incorporate into their infrastructure. And why? Containers not only benefit those in DevOps, but have positive implications for all teams involved in product delivery. At Immerse, we've recently moved our infrastructure to a containerised solution. It's early days to analyse … Continue reading Moving to Containers

A Beginner’s Guide to Testing Blockchain Applications

Last year, the hype of Cryptocurrencies and the words Blockchain were everywhere. Friends and family members where all jumping in and investing even when they hadn't shown signs of being interested in the stock market previously. I've been following the ups and downs of certain stocks for a couple years now but even I was … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Testing Blockchain Applications

Rebasing from Master onto your local branch

  Now that my QA team are adding to the test coverage by writing integration tests directly into the project code base, it's finally time that I start to embrace rebasing (I sort of feel that lightning should crack when you read rebasing)! As I survive with the basics of Git and because Irina and … Continue reading Rebasing from Master onto your local branch

Building a Test Pyramid from the Bottom Up

I was brought into my current role at to uphold a high level of quality for the company's awesome products. But where to start? After I put together my test strategy I needed to know how much test coverage was currently in place. Plenty of manual testing was taking place but it needed refining as not … Continue reading Building a Test Pyramid from the Bottom Up

Building positive habits to progress

After reading The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg, it made me realise that people's habits can be used to change behaviours for the good and yes, sometimes the bad. These changes in behaviours can either positively or negatively impact your life. So, in 2018, I'm going to try and do this for myself. Why not try … Continue reading Building positive habits to progress

Quiz Scramble Template on Sale!

Earlier this year, I redeveloped my app Werdz Movies from UnityScript into C#. This was just a first iteration. I redesigned the interface so that the hint is always on screen and I still need to add in the power-ups somewhere. These will eventually become in app purchases, something I never got around to doing … Continue reading Quiz Scramble Template on Sale!