Website Upkeep Guide

The Website Upkeep Guide lists functionality and features that should be tested on your website before you make it public.

This guide highlights any issues that may exist in your website and will allow you to record the issue clearly to pass onto a developer to fix.

I created this product to help those with websites that probably didn’t have the following:

  • Funds to employ people to test their sites
  • Detailed knowledge or experience testing

I’ve tried to make it as generic as possible to make it a useful, reusable and timeless product for every site.

Included will be tests guiding you on how to test the basic functions of forms, logos, call to actions, slideshows, text, buttons and all other elements that make up a site.

Each test is accompanied by a PDF worksheet that you can print off and use to help you gather your results while you work.

Inside the zip file you will find:

– Instructions

– Full Guide

– Checklist

– Score sheet

– Notes pages

– Grading System

In total, you have 75 pages to give you peace of mind that the necessary functionality of your site is of a high quality. And if it does highlight any issues, you have a detailed list of what to fix.

I hope this gives you an insight into how to robustly test a website.

I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have so that I can improve this product in the future.