Earlier this year, I redeveloped my app Werdz Movies from UnityScript into C#.

This was just a first iteration. I redesigned the interface so that the hint is always on screen and I still need to add in the power-ups somewhere. These will eventually become in app purchases, something I never got around to doing in the released versions on the App Store and Google Play.

I designed this new version as a template with basic graphics so that anyone can use it and make it their own. After doing this, I packaged it all up and uploaded it to the Unity Asset Store.

This has been available since the 23rd October but from November 27th to December 8th PST it’ll be ON SALE!

You’ll be able to buy this with a massive discount of 30% off.

So if you’re interested in creating your own version of Werdz Movies maybe with games, historical figures or TV shows trivia, grab this now from the Asset Store. It’s only on sale for a short time so make the most of it.