UK Black Business Show 2018

On 13th October, I went to Westminster to the Queen Elizabeth II Centre to attend the UK Black Business Show 2018.

I was excited to go because if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m trying to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. I find that when I go to conferences, I’m more inspired and ready to focus on this topic when I leave. This event was no different, in fact, it gave me a lot more confidence in what I’m doing and motivation to keep going and keep growing.

Unfortunately, I learned about this event very late. My mum had bought a ticket only to find that she want able to go because she was flying back from a trip at this time. So she offered the ticket to me. I didn’t know what to expect from this event, but looking back, I’ll be sure to be buying a ticket for next year and telling all of my friends (no matter what their ethnicity) about the event.

There were lots of motivational words from all the speakers and inspiring individuals on the day but, I want to write this post to capture the points that were key to me. I want this to post to remind me of the key ideas and thoughts that spoke to me through the day so that over the next six months I can refer back to it and relive the thoughts that inspired me that day.

Talks and Notes

Andrew Ramroop: A Journey from Pillowcase to Buckingham Palace

  • What makes my products or services stand out from others?
  • How is my product standing out for something that’s different?
  • What makes my service/products better than the competition?
  • Why should customers engage with your services?
  • What makes you outstanding?
  • Train all year round not seasonally.
  • To make a world class company, keep in mind that you need:
    • World class standards
    • Business standards
    • People
  • Make the customer your top priority
  • Your mission statement should state who you are and what your do

Olutayo Arikawe: Making An Impact: How to Use Your Profession to Benefit Your Community

  • Give to your community and your business will thrive
  • Take care of your staff and your community

Fredi Nwaka: Journey to Hollywood

  • What is for me is for me
  • Network to get work

Ronke Lawal: Why Marketers & Brands Need To Engage Black Women

  • £300 Billion black spending power in the UK – IPA
  • Don’t under value yourself
  • Think about the money
  • The love of money isn’t a bad thing

Rashada Harry: Creating Diversity in Technology

  • It’s not what people listen to but what you answer to
  • You have two hands, one to help yourself and one to help the person behind you

Kubi Springer: How to Take your Brand Global Marketing

  • Be an expert
  • Be known for one thing
  • Tell people what you can offer
  • Go in with the numbers and stats to investors. Let the money, numbers and stats talk
  • Get IP in place
  • Stop doing a business for the short term
  • Be Globalised

David McQueen: Building A Legacy in Business

  • Give back to the community
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Work as hard as your want to work
  • Not enough people build for legacy
  • Build businesses that run without you
  • Build systems
  • Think bug. Stop thinking small
  • Why are you building a business?
  • What are your values?
  • Ideas are crap. You need customers
  • Stop giving things away from free
  • Stop selling out. Think about how to take it to the next level

UKBBS Dragon’s Den Pitching Advice

  • Knowledge
    • know what you’re talking about
  • Work your time
    • Brand background
    • Where are you right now
    • What have you done so far
    • Where are you going in the future
    • Money
    • How to get more customers
  • How are you going to build a company & legacy
  • Look at the numbers
  • How are you making money
  • Think big
  • Scale up
  • Make that money
  • Make your people feel that you deserve the money that you ask for
  • Give the business talk first, then the passion talk second
  • Breakdown how you’re going to make that number
  • Know your numbers
  • First impressions count
  • Presentation
  • Visual identity
  • Tie how you’re dressed with your company brand

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